Program Highlights

The Master of Science in Oral Implantology has a strong scientific focus. Critical reflection of existing treatment options and workflows are essential core values.
Being completely non-sponsored and unbiased, topics addressed in the program will be discussed from various angles – providing you with new exciting insights into your profession and enabeling you to think outside the box. 

Making sure you receive extensive hands-on training, you will get the opportunity to practice your manual skills on fresh cadavers during our Human Cadaver Course in collaboration with Vienna University (Course location: Vienna). This course covers sinus lift procedures as well as advanced soft-tissue management techniques.

Within the MOI you will interact with likeminded experts from over 50 nations – building a foundation for developing and realizing innovations in the field of oral implantology, even after graduation.
Our tutorship-system supports you every step of the way – making sure that you always have a go-to person in case of questions regarding your patient treatment cases or your masterthesis