Program Highlights

The Master of Science in Dental Technology program has a strong scientific focus. Critical reflection of existing treatment options and workflows are essential core values. Broadening your horizon by getting in touch with scientists from different fields other than dental medicine and dental technology is also one important pillar of the program – providing you with new exciting insights into your profession and enabling you to think outside the box.

Making sure you receive extensive hands-on training, you will get the opportunity to practice your manual skills on phantom heads. Furthermore you learn more about the anatomy of the masticatory organ and the facial structure by using human specimens.

The coordination of therapeutic teams is an often underestimated challenge which has a great influence on the quality of the treatment outcome, especially when it comes to esthetic cases. During your course of studies you will be familiarized with the general principles of project management and the implementation of an effective communication/report structure to ensure a secure realization of your treatment plan. Upon completion of your studies you will be qualified to identify the different responsibilities of different team members, to select the members of your therapeutic team, to coordinate all team members, to make it short: to head the therapeutic team.

One-on-one guidance offered by your individual tutor will help you boost the quality of your academic work/ master thesis.