Master Programs

Master in Oral Implantology

The Master’s Degree Program ‘Master in Oral Implantology’ (MOI) has been introduced at the J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. The program was created in order to offer advanced academic training in the field of oral implantology to dentists from both Germany and abroad. The goal is to impart comprehensive and highly-specialised theoretical knowledge and practical skills. 

The MOI is a 2-year modular graduate degree program. As a part-time study program the students will be travelling to Frankfurt 4 times, each time for 7-11 days. The fifth time the students will be in Frankfurt for presenting their thesis. This course of study will allow the student to continue to operate their practice.

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Master in Esthetic Dentistry

The Master of Science in Esthetic Dentistry has a strong scientific focus. Critical reflection of existing treatment options and workflows are essential core values. Interacting with experts from within and outside of the field of dentistryis an important pillar of the program. The purpose of which is to broaden your horizon, provide you with new exciting insights from other industries and enable you to think outside the box.

This program is strongly supported by the International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry (IFED) and it provides you with extensive scientific based knowledge and hands-on training to ensure a good balance between theoretical studies and empirical practice. You will get the opportunity to practice your skills on fresh cadavers during our Human Cadaver Course.


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Master in Dental Technology

The Master of Science program in Dental Technology is designed for dental technicians (BSc/ “Zahntechnikermeister”) and dentists who want to acquire highly advanced qualification in the field of dental technology. The program focusses on synergy potentials of different treatment regimes as well as digital optimization of existing therapy options, putting emphasis on scientific aspects.

Over the period of 3 years/ 6 semesters you are travelling 4 times to the Goethe-University, each time for approximately 7-8 days. During each visit you‘ll have face-to-face seminars, lectures as well as hands-on trainings scheduled throughout the day.

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