Human Cadaver Course in Vienna

The Human Cadaver Course in Vienna offers our students the opportunity to practice on fresh and not embalmed cadaver heads. Moreover, the course will cover two of three supervised implant surgeries, which are obligatory within the MOI module “Supervision”.

This course has been pioneered to meet the specific needs of oral surgeons not only to learn, to plan and perform all kind of standard and advanced techniques in Oral implantology and soft tissue management, but also to update the knowledge in the delicate anatomical structures of the oral cavity.

80 % of the human cadaver course is hands-on based with 20 % live or videotaped dissection/operation (displayed on screen). Everything will be performed step by step. A maximum of two participants will be assigned to a fresh and not embalmed human cadaver skull: a „close to reality“ simulation of the surgical procedures.

Course Location

The Human Cadaver course takes place in Vienna/ Austria:
Anatomy Training Centre,
Medical University Vienna,
Waehringer Str. 13
1090 Vienna, Austria

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Topics of the course

Exposure of the lingual nerve, facial artery, mental nerve, Nervus infraorbitalis

Harvesting of a bone block from the retromolar region and from the chin

Soft tissue transplant palatal and from tuber

Soft tissue managment (split flap, connective tissue graft)

Bone spreading

Bone spreading with self condensing screw Bone system

Bone splitting by piezosurgery

Harvesting of a bone block by using the Piezotome Technique

External Sinus floor elevation

Harvesting a bone block by trephine

Implantation and lateral Augmentation with BioOss and BioGuide



All instruments (soft tissue instruments, standard instruments, drilling machines, piezotome, implants, clinical overall, gloves, surgical mask etc.) will be placed at the disposal. You may also bring your own instruments if you want to try some special ones.

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