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Welcome to the Goethe Dental School, where excellence has been a tradition since 2009, providing comprehensive dental education and services. Our part-time Master's Degree Program is designed for dental practitioners to enhance their practical skills and scientific knowledge, enabling them to independently implement advanced therapy concepts and integrate a range of treatments into their practices. Join us in shaping the future of dentistry, empowered by our rich history and commitment to success.

Master Programs

The Master’s Degree Program in Oral Implantology – MOI is now available at J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. Designed for dentists from Germany and abroad, this program offers advanced academic training in oral implantology, focusing on both comprehensive theoretical knowledge and specialized practical skills.

Structured as a two-year, part-time modular program, MOI accommodates working professionals by requiring only four visits to Frankfurt. During the four visits, students attend intensive sessions ranging around 10 days. This flexible schedule allows students to continue managing their dental practices while advancing their education.

MOI 31: 22-10. – 01.11.2024
Application Deadline: 15.08.2024


The Master of Science in Esthetic Dentistry has a strong scientific focus. Critical reflection of existing treatment options and workflows are essential core values. Interacting with experts from within and outside of the field of dentistryis an important pillar of the program. The purpose of which is to broaden your horizon, provide you with new exciting insights from other industries and enable you to think outside the box.

The program, endorsed by the International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry (IFED), offers a balanced combination of comprehensive, scientifically-based knowledge and practical training. Participants also benefit from hands-on experience through our Human Cadaver Course, where they can directly apply their skills in a controlled, professional setting. This approach ensures a well-rounded education in both theoretical and practical aspects of esthetic dentistry.

MED 5:  06. – 15.10.2024
Application Deadline: 01.08.2024


The Master of Science program in Dental Technology is designed for dental technicians (BSc/ “Zahntechnikermeister”) and dentists who want to acquire highly advanced qualification in the field of dental technology. The program focusses on synergy potentials of different treatment regimes as well as digital optimization of existing therapy options, putting emphasis on scientific aspects.

Spanning three years and six semesters, the program requires participants to attend four intensive sessions at the university. Each session lasts about 8 days and includes a combination of face-to-face seminars, lectures and hands-on training, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience.


MDT 4: 01. – 08.04.2025 
Application Deadline: 01.02.2025


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At Goethe Dental School, we are globally connected, fostering a vibrant community through our international Study Club. We proudly host alumni events around the world, providing opportunities for networking and professional growth. Join us and be part of a global network of dental professionals.

We are leaders in the specialist areas.

Here is an excerpt from our specialist
areas in dentistry

  • Mastery of Scientific Methods and Communication
  • Techniques of Periodontology and Implantology
  • Digital Workflow in Surgery to Prosthetics
  • Detailed Treatment Approach
  • Understanding of Biological Principles and
    Soft Tissue Management in GBR
  • Mastery of Soft Tissue Management
  • Surgical and Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatments
  • Familiarization with Augmentation Techniques

The knowledge from the past may lead to today‘s mistakes, and what we know today might be tomorrow’s errors.

Dr. Paul WeiglHead of Department of Postgraduate Education Program Director "Master of Oral Implantology"


  • „The Master’s program in Esthetic Dentistry at Goethe Dental School has been instrumental in fostering my interdisciplinary expertise. By engaging with professionals across diverse dental specialties, I have honed my skills and gained a more comprehensive understanding of the field. This collaborative environment has not only expanded my professional perspective but also enriched my abilities within esthetic dentistry. The program’s emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration has equipped me with a unique set of skills that enable me to excel in a variety of dental contexts. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from experts in the field and apply this knowledge to enhance my practice.“

    Dr. Jonas Apostol
  • „Time flies, it’s more than a decade ago since I graduated from Goethe University. However, the knowledge I received from the education has help my career tremendously and I can warmly recommend the education to my colleagues around the globe. When You graduate You will have a profound education in Oral implantology, new friends / colleagues and a global network to boost Your future career and on top of that a MSc degree!“

    Erik Lennartsson
    Oral Surgeon
  • „As an alumnus of MOI, this program exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The comprehensive curriculum provided a deep understanding of implant procedures, from diagnostics to surgical placement and restoration. The hands-on training and mentorship from experienced lecturers and tutors allowed me to tackle challenging cases with precision and confidence. Personally, the program instilled a sense of fulfillment and purpose in my career, as I now have the ability to restore smiles and enhance the lives of others through transformative dental implant procedures. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to excel in the field of implant dentistry.“

    Sallpachuda Chaicharoen
  • „As an early graduate of this program, I have found great benefit and continuing advantages of being an alumni. I have found the faculty and the team at Goethe a well-informed, academic, and an inspiring group, to such an extent that it set me on the road to a PhD in Implantology.
    One aspect of MOI which should not be underplayed is the amount of global networking I have been able to achieve with my fellow classmates and other colleagues I have met over the years who are MOI graduates. I have found this association very valuable and lasting. I wish everyone who is considering the MOI program all the best.“

    Dr. Kenneth Lee
    Oral Surgeon
Our graduates come from all over the world
Michael Gillis from Canada
Marek Adwent from Polen
Adel Hizam from Italy
Devika Iyer from Australia

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