Module 'Surgical techniques'

The module analyses the current status of surgical techniques in oral implantology by way of lectures, seminars and patient demonstrations. Up-to-date techniques are demonstrated live.

Content of teaching unit

Advanced surgical techniques

  • Bone augmentation using synthetic, xenogenous, allogenous materials
  • Bone augmentation using oral autogenous bone (block, particulated)
  • Membranes, membrane techniques
  • Sinus augmentation, one-sided/two-sided
  • Nerve transposition
  • Distraction osteogenesis
  • Extra-oral bone transplants
  • Microvascular reanastomosed tissue transfer
  • Reconstruction of severely reabsorbed maxilla and mandibule
  • Soft tissue management
  • Pedicle flap soft tissue transplants
  • Free connective tissue transplants
  • Free epithelial transplants
  • Vestibulum reconstruction

Aftercare (postoperative treatment) / management of complications 

  • Documentation and recall
  • Statistics: success and survival rates, failure rates
  • Mucousitis and periimplantitis: diagnosis and treatment
  • Explantations