Module 'Basic theory 2'

The module teaches the current status of the science of oral implantology by way of lectures, seminars, patient demonstrations and practical work on the phantom. In addition work will be begun on the foundations for independent scientific work.

Content of teaching unit

Implant systems

  • Implant design (macrostructure)
  • Implant surfaces (microstructure)
  • Dental implant abutment, indexed / non-indexed abutment
  • Mechanical fixings, micro fissures
  • Aids for transfer, registration and impression
  • Abutments (chair side and lab side)
  • Prosthetic components

Standard surgical procedures

  • Flap design, transfer of implant position, flapless surgery
  • Assessment of bone quality
  • Bone condensing, bone expanding
  • Machine / manual preparation techniques
  • Extrication techniques
  • Healing periods, timing (early, late, immediate treatment records)
  • Improvement of structure by bone training

Basic prosthetic treatments

  • Temporary treatments
  • Techniques for the forming of emergence profiles
  • Taking of impressions / registration / fabrication of models / articulator
  • Choice of abutment and individualisation
  • Abutment transfer model-mouth
  • Occlusal anatomy and transfer of load

Methods of scientific work (II)

  • Assessment of scientific theory using evidence classes
  • Data collection, statistics, biometrics
  • Construction of scientific studies