Module 'Basic theory 1'

The module teaches the current status of the science of oral implantology by way of lectures, seminars, patient demonstrations and practical work on the phantom. In addition work will be begun on the foundations for independent scientific work.

Content of teaching unit

Foundations of dental implantology

  • Overview of the development of dental implantology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Wound healing: bone, soft tissue; wound healing deficits
  • Implant materials: bone replacement materials; membranes; auxiliary materials
  • Patient evaluation: anamnesis, absolute/relative contraindications
  • Tooth rehabilitation (endodontics/periodontics) or extraction

Oral diagnostics and treatment planning

  • Indication; classification; guidelines
  • Oral hygiene and pre-treatment (periodontal / tooth rehabilitation / jaw orthopaedics)
  • Clinical bite and function analysis, occlusion, TMJ, mucous membranes
  • Picture diagnostics (x-rays, CT, stereolithography)
  • 3-D bone analysis (standard, CT supported)
  • Wax-up/set-up, involvement of dental laboratory
  • Standard positioning templates, CT-based drilling jig

Technical requirements and dental assistants

  • Required instruments and equipment
  • Hygiene regulations and their implementation
  • Tasks of the dental assistant
  • Patient preparation: anaesthetics, OP smock, ancillary medication etc.
  • Postoperative treatment
  • Emergencies, emergency management

Methods of scientific work (I)

  • Literature research via electronic media
  • Introduction to preparation of Master’s Thesis