Master of Science (MSc.) in Esthetic Dentistry

Taking Esthetic Dentistry to a next level

Starting Autumn 2018, Goethe-University Frankfurt is offering the new Master’s Degree Program Master of Science in Esthetic Dentistry (MED).

The Master in Esthetic Dentistry is a challenging program for dentists who want to take their expertise in the field of Esthetic Dentistry to the next level. It aims to qualify students for demanding synoptic treatment options by enhancing their methodological and manual skills and increasing their awareness level for the importance of objective evaluation of esthetic cases.

The 2-year part-time program takes time constraints and job responsibilities into consideration. Students only have to travel three times to Frankfurt during the course of their studies, with each stay lasting 10 days. You will have lessons and hands-on courses and thus grow through input from our international faculty, guest lectures and fellow students. In between your stays in Frankfurt, you will be able to actively apply your newly gained knowledge and skills by treating your patients in your own surgery, documenting and discussing the cases with our team at your own pace.

Being completely non-sponsored, the Master of Science in Esthetic Dentistry offers you the opportunity to develop an individual competence in critically reflecting treatment methods and medical products.

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